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The Harborside Group is a California-focused cannabis company with retail, production, and cultivation operations built around recognized brands.

We currently operate four retail dispensaries and one cultivation facility under a vertically-integrated model focused on the Northern California market with additional dispensaries under construction and opening in 2019.

Corporate Presentation

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Why Invest in Harborside?

To date, Harborside cannabis retail has over $300M in cumulative sales. Our first store in Oakland made the first sale in the state of California and until recently we’ve run as a not-for-profit operation, going public (CSE: HBOR) this year. Despite our not-for-profit origins, we’re one of the key players in the state, with 2019 estimated revenues and sales per sqft comparable to operators such as MedMen and Harvest.

Harborside is the preeminent retailer in Northern California. With 12 years of operations in the state and over $300M of cumulative sales in that time, it’s no surprise that Harborside cannabis retail accounts for 2% of California’s retail market.

Locations across the state, including Oakland and San Jose, have been recognized globally for the excellence of their setup and customer experience. We’re one of the key players in California, with 2019 revenue estimates and sales per sqft comparable to other leaders in the state. Over a decade operating as a not-for-profit culminated in 2019 with the company going public (CSE: HBOR).

Before the founding of Harborside, our chairman Steve DeAngelo, was a pioneer of patient advocacy and is seen by many as the Father of Cannabis in the US. Since the beginning, we’ve looked for the best ways to help people that need cannabis and served as an advocate for consumers and the industry.

Like the patients and customers that trust Harborside Inc with their health and wellbeing, we want to ensure that when you invest in us it’s because of our credibility and vision when it comes to cannabis.

Since our first sale in 2006, the journey to today has been short,
but full of important milestones.

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