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Sublime Fuzzies

Your life. More Sublime.

Life is what you bring to it, and cannabis is no exception. With a high as potent as you want to climb, and flavor as smooth as you want to coast. Life is what you bring to it.

Bring Sublime.

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Harborside Farms

Nestled in the sunny coastal hills of Monterey County, Harborside Farms stretches out across a picturesque landscape in California’s pinnacle growing region. Harborside Farms seamlessly weaves nearly 100 years of cannabis cultivating experience with state of the art agricultural technology to one of the most optimal and majestic locations in the country. We are dedicated to making the best possible product with mindfulness and respect to the land, the people, and our planet.

Masterfully grown. Ethically operated. Meticulously tested.

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KEY Cannabis

Ethically and sustainably grown in the winding hills of Monterey County—KEY bridges California values with California adventure. KEY is dedicated to responsibly producing the highest quality products with you in mind. Our KEY line takes inspiration from the surrounding possibilities of exploration—from the kaleidoscope of Glass Beach to journeys in Joshua Tree, from the swell at Pleasure Point to the feedback of your favorite basement show—KEY is yours to unlock the moment.

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